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HotDocs 11

HotDocs 11 has a slicker interface and a context-sensitive help system. It is compatible with the most recent versions of Windows, MS Office and WordPerfect.

When you declare Local Variables in a computation, they are only visible within that computation. You don’t have to clutter your templates with variables that you only use once. The new parameter feature lets you feed differing information into your computations each time you use them. That makes it easier to recycle them.

Fully Compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2016

HotDocs 11.2.1 is compatible with Windows 10, Word 2016 and WordPerfect X7.

If you make upgrade for the sake of compatibility, you will find that HotDocs has added a ton of functionality since your last purchase.

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Why is HotDocs Still Number One?

HotDocs is the original documents assembly program. They still own 60% of the market. That’s because they listen to customer feedback and keep findings ways to make document production easier for you.