Desktop Apps

We are adding a playlist of videos relating to our YouTube Channel that describe the operation of our Peachtek Desktop Apps. These are a series of Word for Windows macros that automate a series of common legal tasks. We have created a sample pack that you can download from our website. The videos show how they operate. While there, you can also see how to use HotDocs 11 generate legal documents.


Our last post discussed the use of search and replace to change formatting. At Peachtek, we have developed macros that automate the process. If you are pasting from Westlaw and especially Lexis, you get a lot of special characters and other stuff you don’t need. The general tendency is to use the “paste as regular text feature”, but that eliminates underlined case law and other formats that you actually need.

Our Peachtek macros eliminate footnotes and markers that don’t belong in a regular legal document and generally smooth things over, while keeping the formatting that you need. The same holds true if you are borrowing a writing sample that was created by someone who underlines case cites when you want to use italics. We let you change the emphasis in one fell swoop instead of having to do it all by hand.

If you are pasting from a PDF or a plain text transcript of testimony, you are going to get a lot of line breaks, line numbers and other stuff you don’t need. We will eliminate that automatically.

Peachtek Desktop Apps

We are introducing a new feature that we call the Peachtek Desktop Apps. We have automated a series of tasks that are common to the legal field.  Several of our apps have more general application. You can reformat documents and manipulate bookmarks. You can transfer dates from Outlook into Word. You can enter record cites automatically. If you have a case in Federal Court, you can use the docket sheet to look up docket entries and enter them as cites. We have placed our apps in a sample document that is available for download. If you like what you see, you can get a license of up to two years in length by helping promote us on Google Places, Facebook and Linked In.