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HotDocs Sales & Templates


Why Do You Need A Document Assembly Program?

Clients are demanding more for less. A system of automated document assembly lets you turn that challenge into an opportunity. You create documents more quickly and efficiently. That means you save money. Plus, your quality improves. That puts you one step ahead of your competition.

What Is the Best Document Assembly Program?

HotDocs is the original document assembly program and is still the market leader. Here are the stats:

  • Over one million users.
  • Owns 60% of the document assembly market.
  • 80% of the AmLaw 200 uses it
  • 20% of the Fortune 500 does too

Where Should I Get HotDocs From?

Quick Docs will save you money on your HotDocs purchase. Then, we’ll help you develop your first set of HotDocs templates. That means you start saving time and money right away.

Consider the Savings

You pay your paralegal $30 an hour. She spends half her time generating documents. If you can increase her productivity by ten percent, you save $6,400 a year.

What Makes HotDocs Different?

Normally, you need a computer expert to automate a business process. Their time is expensive and they will never know your business like you do.

HotDocs gives you the tools you need to automate your own documents. You save on programming costs. Plus, you dovetail the system to meet your needs.

How Does It Work?

For real estate transactions, you take a purchase agreement and replace the name of the seller with a variable called “seller” throughout the document. Then you do the same for the purchaser’s name, sale price, etc.

When your clients are ready to make an offer, HotDocs takes you through a Question and Answer series.  You fill in the names of the purchaser and seller, etc. Then you press a button to create a written offer. If you strike a deal, you recycle your information to create a purchase agreement.

What Are the Practical Benefits?

You generate documents much more quickly. You can entrust higher-level work to lower-level employees. Quality increases while costs goes down. It is easy to get started and, once you do, your options are unlimited. This is the best step you can take to improve your business.